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Invoice Processing

Combining digital and paper invoices 

  • PO Matching
  • Invoice Approval
  • Payable and Receival
  • Data Extraction

HR Onboarding

Onboarding bridges the gap between the HR and IT

  • Onboarding
  • Initial Development
  • Ongoing Development & Retention
  • Separation

Artificial Intelligence

The need to integrate your back end systems

  • Forms Processing
  • Workflows
  • Streamline Data Transitions
  • Systems Integration


Data Storage

Data Cloud or On Premise Storage

  • Automated indexing
  • Data Capture
  • File storage & Retrieval
  • Online Forms

Email Security

Secure your email Transactions for sensitive Documents - Rmail & RSign

  • Secure registered emails
  • 256 AES Encryption
  • Digital Signing  with doc templates
  • Email Tracking and Logging
  • Full Tracking and legally accepted

Print Management

For the companies that still have a heavy print requirement

  • Cloud Serverless Printing
  • User Authentication at the device
  • Quota and Permission Print
  • Mobile Printing
  • Integrated scanning at the device

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